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April 15, 2008


Tina B

YES! My Divalicious self wants to come out and play! I love it. Reading only revvvs me up all the more. Between our new lovely weather, and feeling the need for showing off my toes in strappy sandals; here I come. And as you all know well-I love all things glitter and glam!! Here I am!
Love it and love ya for the inspiration!

MIchelle Romo

Hey Girly! Being here in Europe has definintly opened up my inner diva! I have def. been living out loud sense moving here! My Skydiving adventure was another juicy moment that I LOVED! Life is filled with so many wonderful moments that keep getting better and better with age. Getting old is wonderful, isnt it? ;0) Thanks for the wonderful Inspiration! You made my day even brighter!


I'm feeling inspired! My diva is coming out to play! Thank you for the kick in the tush! ;)


A big thank you for a go swift kick in my Diva Tush, It really helped to bring my Diva out!!! ;O)


WOW - and THANKS!!! It has been a long time since I've been so inspired ... and I miss my DIVA. I just hope she is not gone forever - must find her and soon!!! I'm to young to be my mother...


I absolutely agree with it all, cauz I found mine again, and its better than it was when I was young or little. With age comes not only wisdom, but lots more courage and feistiness. !! Play, play, dance, skinny dip, you know what I mean.

jewels zapata

OH to be a diva!! Truly it is the only way to live, done primarily by strong women and gay men....How I wish that all women could be introduced to thier own diva-ISM and your article is a great start to making that introduction. Diva-ISM , I hear, can be woken up with a candle lit hot bubble bath while masquing, Is that true?? You ROCK SG Jen-


Thanks for the sassy, fun post! It's just the kick in the pants my girlfriends and I needed this week. :)


I miss my inner diva...thanks for the wake up call!!

loretta allen

Hi Divas

Ive been here just waiting for you to come aboard
Life is soooooo lonely at the top HA HA BEING

I just hit 60 GO figure
welcome to my world



Hey my Delicious Diva Sista!

JUICY JENN...this blog is ...
Every Woman's Guide to scrumptious living. In our busy lives, we often forget to take time out to play and to pamper ourselves.
DIVAS...learn to get in touch with our inner star and living life by our own rules.


Margaret Rose-Duffy

What a wonderful post! I am going to remember to play more & live life more fully. Thank you!!!

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